EBO Acceptable Use Agreement All information users have a responsibility to use computing resources and information in a secure, lawful, and appropriate manner. EBO may only be used for lawful purposes to a State Entity’s (SE) benefit in accordance with SE policies and procedures. The term “information user” refers to all employees, vendors, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, sub-consultants, volunteers, individuals doing research, interns, temporary employees, and other persons including those users affiliated with third parties and other organizations that access the SE’s computer networks, systems, applications or information. A general computer security document is included with the EBO manual and is available to all employees to assist them in understanding how they can maximize the security of the EBO application and its interactions with the SE. I indicate by clicking “OK” below that I have read, do understand, and promise to abide by the provisions listed above, and the contents of the general computer security document. I understand that limiting my use of EBO to Acceptable Use, as defined above, is a condition for continued access to EBO. I understand that my activities may be logged and that authorized staff may review these logs at any time without informing me beforehand. I acknowledge that the information entered in EBO is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true and accurate. I acknowledge that failure to comply with the provisions listed above may subject me to disciplinary action, civil liability, termination of contract, or criminal prosecution or any combination of the above.